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Canberra Training for May-June 2013

I am happy to announce our training for May-June 2013 in Canberra. We put together a program that includes the widest range of courses, ranging from very basic introductory courses essential for any IT professional coming in contact with Sparx Enterprise Architect, to highly ambitious workshops for forward-looking Change Leaders.

Specialised Courses

The short “Specialised” courses contain knowledge of particular modelling techniques. It is usually expected that attendants can attend several courses, starting with the “Introduction”.

Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect. This course is a prerequisite for people attending other specialised courses. It is also highly recommended to anyone who may come in contact with Enterprise Architect, or people using it, through their work. $640/person + GST, on:

  • 6 May 2013
  • 20 May 2013

BPMN Process Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect (1 day). Together with the introductory course, enables competent BPMN Modelling Covering the software, the notation and the practical modelling skills. $980/Person + GST, on:

  • 21 May 2013

Use Case Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect (1 day). Learn to work with Use Cases and Requirements. $980/Person + GST, on: 

  • 22 May 2013

Advanced BPMN2 with Sparx Enterprse Architect (2 days). Covering Collaboration and Orchestration Modelling, as well as more advanced elements of Process Modelling. $1880/Person + GST, on:

  • 23-24 May 2013

Archimate with Sparx Enterprise Architect (1 day). Archimate is the Open Group standard for Enterprise Architecture Modelling, supplied by Sparx as part of TOGAF Add-in. $980/person + GST, on:

  • 24 May 2013

Business Requirements Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect (1 day).  The course is focused on capturing high-level, Computation-Independent Requirements for a project using Business Use Cases and Requirement Statements. The effort results in producing a Business Requirements Document. $980/person + GST, on:

  • 13 May 2013

Solution Modelling for Agile Development with TFS (2 days). This course covers a simplified process suitable for smaller projects, where detailed Use Cases are identified from Business Requirements by either Business Analysts with good knowledge of applications, or Architects/Developers with good business knowledge. $1880/Person + GST, on:

  • 18-19 June 2013

Solution Architecture with Sparx Enterprise Architect (2 days). The course enables Solution Architects to produce Solution Architecture fully inside Enterprise Architect while re-using common models, Diagrams and specifications. $1880/Person + GST, on:

  • 27-28 May 2013

Administration & Version Control of Sparx Enterprise Architect Models (1 day). The course teaches implementation of advanced and reliable Version Control of Sparx Enterprise Architect models, implementation of sophistication security, branching and merging the models. $950/person + GST, on:

  • 3 June 2913

Implementing Effective Report Generation (1 day). The course teaches developing sophisticated templates for Sparx Enterprise Architect, and organizing modelling to ensure generation of documents from EA models. $950/person + GST, on:

  • 10 June 2013

Business Motivation Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect (1 day). Captures high-level factors driving the project, usually agreed with higher-level executives. Also enables project validation, prioritisation and monitoring. $950/person + GST, on:

  • 11 June 2013

Business Component Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect (2 days). The course delivers the capability to define Services conceptually, defining self-contained Business-level Services and provding a blue print for SOA implementation, $1880/person + GST, on:

  • 6-7 June 2013


Comprehensive Courses

Our 3-4 day courses provide participants with all they need to start participating in or leading modelling effort within their function – no pre-requisites.

Advanced Business Analysis with Enterprise Architect, UML 2 and BPMN 2 (4 days). The course provides Business Analysis with the most advanced techniques to respond to the demands of 21st Century ICT, to be relevant in the context of Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Technology, COTS and SaaS, re-use, optimisation and streamlining. $3750/person + GST, on:

  • 7-10 May  2013
  • 25-28 June 2013

Enterprise Solution Design with Sparx Enterprise Architect (4 days). The course teaches practical techniques that significantly improve solution development practices and establish effective flow of information from business requirements through to development and testing.Using Sparx Enterprise Architect increases productivity, transparency and control over the projects. $3750/person + GST, on:

  • 14-17 May 2013

Semantic Integration Courses

Semantic Integration an exciting new technology allowing modelling and querying complex non-relational data originating from vastly diverse sources. Business Abstraction courses allow early adoption of the technology by providing practice-oriented courses.

Writing SPARQL queries (1 day). SPARQL is a new standard query language that excels where SQL falls short – in querying non-relational irregular data coming from sources ranging from Excel spreadsheets to Internet resources. It is also instrumental when developing complex information models using OWL. $880/person + GST, on

  • 12 June 2013

OWL Modelling for Information Architects (2 days). Limitations of UML and especially ER information modelling can become too severe for complex projects dealing with data from multiple sources. OWL Modelling is offering out-of-the-box reasoning and querying. $1780/person + GST, on:

  • 13-14 June 2013

We reserve the right to re-schedule some of the course, however offer 100% money back guarantee if the new dates are not suitable.

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