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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

As OWL modelling moves from academy into mainstream, we face a strange situation. There are academics in the field of Semantic Web, who understand many details of Ontology modelling and the associated problems. Some of them have been teaching post-graduate students for some time, and are happy to share the knowledge. They however have little understanding of enterprise, enterprise problems, enterprise people, and specifically enterprise projects.

There are Information Architects, who in many cases spent 10-20 years modelling data in Entity-Relationship or UML formats. Because of their business knowledge and practical skills, they would be perfect people to conduct OWL modelling. They however face massive paradigm shift. Even if they try to attend a training course, they would be told about formal logic, Prolog language and other exciting tools and theories that they will have problem understanding. 

Business Abstraction created a basic course and a more advanced course that address that problem. We are talking to Information Architects in their language. We refer to what they already know, and explain how tro apply it for OWL Modelling.

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