Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

As Gartner warns in the report, adopting NoSQL storage can result in Information … read more

Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

It is rather ridiculous that the discussion on Data Driven Enterprise did not … read more

OWL Modelling for Information Architects

Business Abstraction delivered OWL training customised for experienced Information Architects. The target audience … read more


Canberra Training for May-June 2013

I am happy to announce our training for May-June 2013 in Canberra. We put together a program that includes the widest range of courses, ranging from very basic introductory courses essential for any IT professional coming in contact with Sparx Enterprise Architect, to highly ambitious workshops for forward-looking Change Leaders. Specialised Courses The

To Succeed, Embrace Failure

We all know that enterprise IT projects are hugely expensive. Through my 20 years of Australian Enterprise IT I’ve seen implementation projects that cost more that development of the original software. Furthermore, many of those projects either fail or deliver marginal improvement over the processes that existed before the project.

Asana as an Indicator

Recently I had a pleasure pf reviewing Asana (, the software that promises to build “the modern way to work together”. In addition to using it, I will be following the company and track their adoption numbers. I believe they are giving us one of the best indicators of the

The Age of Enterprise IT Innovation has begun?

I woke up this weekend to the interesting Forbes article by Rick Ungar, that claims that “Obamacare” demands that health insurers spend 80% (85% in some cases) or premiums collected on claims. The article asserts that the end of private insurance will follow, as no insurer can limit overheads to

The Enjoyment of Enterprise Architecture

I am possibly breaking a taboo by combining the words “Enjoyment” and “Enterprise Architecture” within the same website. I do however believe that Enterprise Architecture, or more specifically Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture, should not necessarily be synonymous with multimillion spending on pompous consultants feeding you with alphabet soup of technical acronyms,

Enterprise IT impact of Steve Yegge accidental disclosure

Several days ago a Google engineer accidentally published his rant, criticising Google+ and some other Google practices to the whole world to see. It went viral before he managed to delete it, and has been reproduced by many. While most of the text has significant importance to the limited number

What next for “Productivity Suites”?

For 20 years ”Productivity Suites” were the dominant force in Enterprise computing. We were editing texts and documents. We were crunching numbers in spreadsheets. We were running presentations. Since their release 25 years ago, first on Mac, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel found their way to 500 million workstations, laptops

Business Abstraction started @socialbranch

I believe we owe our followers and clients an explanation. What a respected consultancy specialising in Enterprise Solution Development is doing in Social? Isn’t the whole Social space a bunch of unbelievably talented kids hacking together relatively basic apps for people who can be motivated by virtual badges? Many believe

Abstraction Methodology

Abstraction Methodology is now being published on the Business Abstraction website. It is a work in progress, and should take several months to publish it all. In the mean time, feel free to comment.

Welcome to the new Business Abstraction website!

The new Business Abstraction website has launched, to provide better access to the volume of information that used to be cramped into the old site.