Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Data-driven Enterprise

As many times before, the enterprise cannot benefit from the new technology because there is not bridge between Enterprise expertise and Technology expertise. New Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and methods were created for global Internet enterprises. While there is a clear appreciation of the benefits the new focus on Data and Data Analysis can bring to public and private enterprises, there is little understanding of how to achieve that. The default approach is to hire a really smart Data Scientist or ten, and get them “do their thing”. That is a perfect way to score a few “quick wins”, however cannot deliver more fundamental improvement.

Business Abstraction offers training, consulting and resources for achieving deeper, more fundamental change to the enterprise using the new Data technologies.

Business Architecture for Data-driven Transformation (4 days)

The course is designed for Architects approaching or evaluating fundamental transformation of the enterprise on the basis of modern digital delivery and Big Data. It enables rethinking the enterprise from data-centric perspective. Do not wait for others to disrupt your industry - use your expertise and existing market share to be the first in.

Business Analysis for Data Projects (4 days)

The course is designed to enable the use of experienced Business Analysts and familiar Business Analysis techniques in Data-focused projects.  It also delivers "User-level" understanding of Business Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data, Data Lakes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It enables integration of the Data and Transaction dimensions of an enterprise.

Agile Data Warehousing with Enterprise NoSQL (3 days)

New NoSQL platforms provide a valid alternative to traditional Data Warehouses which take significant time to setup. While using NoSQL for Data Warehousing has its limitations, the main advantage is in the minimal setup time and easy modification. NoSQL platforms enable "schema on read" approach - the data loaded into the storage without or with minimal modifications, then profiled using flexible query tools. The Data Warehouse functionality is then developed iteratively though indexes, facets and queries.

Enterprise NoSQL Solution Architecture Patterns

Emergence of NoSQL is nothing short of groundbreaking, however it takes significant time to recognise the full scale of possibilities that technology brings to Enterprise IT. To assist Solution Architects, Business Abstraction prepared the list of 30 Patterns that capture the most common usages of the technology. Please contact us from you work email for your copy.