Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Developing Data-Centric Business Process Architecture

Business Abstraction approach to Business Process Architecture focuses on Business Motivation and Data, enabling implementation of a Data-Centric Enterprise.

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Modelling are increasingly criticised these days for failing to deliver. The vendors’ propensity for focusing on “as is” Architecture and Processes to ensure massive volume of easy to do billable work, is partially to blame.

However there is a more fundamental problem. The processes and practices that exist today were crafted to accommodate the level of technology that existed decades ago – or centuries ago in some cases, with the assumption that a file is made of cardboard, and therefor can only exist in one place at a time. Any conservative Enterprise Architecture exercise is bound to such practices, and therefor cannot take full advantage of the technologies of today.

Business Abstraction approach is based on building the high-level immutable abstraction of the business, identifying all relevant data, and then re-imagining the processes from the Data-centric standpoint.