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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Business Abstraction is a capable Australian provider of solutions and associated training based on Semantic Technology. It is set apart from most of consultants in the area by:

  • High-level enterprise focus: Business Abstraction has the capability to engage at the business executive level to define the needs and high-level expectation the technology should deliver to.
  • Project capability: Business abstraction has the capability to drive complex projects through full lifecycle, including Business Analysis, Integrated Solution Architecture and all parts of coordinated implementation, development, testing and delivery.
  • Effective knowledge transfer: with its significant experience in training and internal practice development, Business Abstraction can train all relevant client staff to work with technology, as well as to maintain relevant metadata and effectively use it to advance their business.

Our Semantic technology offers include:

Semantic Technology Training

Business Abstraction offers the range of courses that, uncharacteristically for Semantic Technology, are specifically designed for experienced Enterprise IT professionals. Our training appeals to the skills they are likely to have and the usual patterns of their work, and assist in transitioning to the Semantic Technology methods and tools most likely to be used in Enterprise IT

OWL Modelling for Information Architects

Using Web Ontology Language(OWL) for Information Architecture is getting some traction, however it requires fundamental paradigm shift. While OWL uses the familiar terms like "Classes" and "Instances", the similarity is deceiving, as foundation of OWL is fundamentally different. Fortunately, Business Abstraction has a very practical course that enables Information Architects to create effective OWL definitions in their domains.

Semantic Integration

The new and exciting area of Semantic Integration is coming into maturity after 10+ years of being a massive sensation in academic circles. There are many enterprises that are running commercially justified projects, that use Semantic Web technologies to bring together information from different sources. As hardware is becoming cheaper and more powerful, and demand for integration of information of different kind coming from different sources grow, we can expect more enterprises to engage these Semantic Web technologies to link, integrate and query data. Business Abstraction developed a range of training and consulting products to help enterprises to manage the transition to the new paradigm.