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Using Gremlin Graph Traversal Language (4 days)

As we learn to link data, enterprises naturally transition from tables to graphs. The best introduction to Graph model is through Gremlin, the standard supported by multiple commercial and open source products.

As Gremlin is an extension of Groovy programming language, the course teaches some Groovy skills necessary for effective use of Gremlin. The course covers:

  • Understanding Property Graph Data Model
  • Gremlin Console
  • Property Graph vs Semantic Graph – sorting out two types of Graph Models
  • Graph Data Modelling
  • Inserting Data using Gremlin
  • Imperative Graph Traversal: Branching and Recursion
  • Declarative Graph Traversal and Graph Pattern Queries
  • Aggregating Gremlin queries – collecting quantitative data from Graph
  • Basic Groovy
  • Combining Gremlin queries with Groovy
  • Advanced Gremlin queries
  • Using Gremlin with Janus Graph, DataStax Graph and Stardog.
  • Using Gremlin from Java

Participants are required to bring a laptop capable of running Groovy Console – Windows, Mac or Linux. Help in installation would be provided.


Canberra 13-16 November 2018. $3,500 + GST