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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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SPARX Enterprise Architect

Delivering Effective and Consistent Practices – Delivering Results

In Business Abstraction we believe that our training should provide visible, immediate value.

Not all projects that use Visual Modelling will succeed, or will flow smoother, more effective, with higher visibility and control, than prior projects that didn’t utilise Visual Modelling. To be effective, the team should develop effective and consistent practices, and often expect to spend years developing that.

Business Abstraction addressed that by developing training that delivers established practices rather than initial knowledge. To achieve that, the training is conducted by an experience practitioner who combines training with practical consulting and project work. The training materials are customised according to the client’s needs prior to beginning of the training. The training is then conducted using client’s real projects and problems as examples. Through the training, the trainer will identify, discuss and refine the practices that the team will adopt, and drives the training accordingly. By the end of the training, the specific modelling practices of the team are documented and supported by several examples, and have been repeatedly followed though the practical exercises.


The following are the guidelines and Best Practices that Business Abstraction identified through over 15 years of practice

Training for Business Architects and Business Analysts

Business Abstraction proved first in 2004 that Business Analysts can produced good models when trained right. Since then, we continue to offer highly engaging training specially customised for non-programmers, including new topics as they emerge.

Enterprise Architect Basics and Administration Training

Short courses suitable for all Sparx Enterprise Architect users

Virtual Classroom Training

You can save 40% on our regular training and save yourself a hustle of travelling to location by attending a Virtual Classroom Training. Every bit as effective and interactive as our Classroom Training, Vurtual Classroom Training allows us to provide examples, review your progress and "hold your hand". Our courses are the results of continuous improvement over years of training and hands-on consulting.

Business Component Modelling

Business Component Modelling was created to enable Business Architects with some IT/Development background to define Business Services, enable and validate Business Agility,. It provides an effective framework for SOA implementation and maintenance.

Evening & Weekend Training for Contractors and Jobseekers

Times are tough, however having skills in demand can help. Business Abstraction offers a series of courses designed for individuals seeking to improve their chances of employment, promotion or next contract by learning relevant Visual Modelling skills. .

Advanced Document Generation

Some client's specification needs cannot be met by clever arrangement of several RTF Generation templates in a Master Document. The next step up is to use Business Abstraction custom document generator written in C# and installed as an add-in.

Advanced HTML generation

Business Abstraction invested significant effort into developing alternative HTML generator to enable better integration with enterprise email. issue tracking systems and other solutions, as well as to offer richer, more informative content.

Model Integration

What should you do if your enterprise has some information in Enterprise Architect models, some in ARIS, most of requirements in Excel while some data in Word documents and even PowerPoint presentations? Re-training everyone to use the same tool would be prohibitively expensive, especially if you consider the need to re-model existing artifacts. A valid alternative is to integrate all tools into a common environment, and produce common reports. Business Abstraction developed services that do just that.

Document Generation from Enterprise Architect

For many of our customers a Word document is still an expected outcome of their modelling effort. While combination of a good template and matching modelling practices can achieve desired outcome, it can be tricky. Your contractor can spend days if not weeks learning how to produce good templates. Alternatively, or you can let us produce a template for you. Or you can consider Advanced Document Generation if you believe built-in RTF generator is insufficient for your needs.