Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Social Branch

Social Branch ™ is the Business Abstraction initiative to enable deeper penetration of social graph-related information and technologies into enterprise operations.

We believe that Social is more than just an additional medium for advertising and PR. Internet started with basic Web presence and ended with major re-engineering of the operation of enterprises. Some of the points are discussed in the blog post.

We believe Social will become a major channel critical for the enterprise’s performance and in many cases the very survival. For some sections of the private sector if will see the emergence of new products and new ways of running the business. To public service agencies it will bring new policy instruments, higher effectiveness, as well as new expectations from the public.

Social Communication Modelling

As Social graph become available to external software, we should revise the term "Enterprise" to include not only the suppliers and regulators, but also the community of individuals who are or may become consumers. To address this, Business Abstraction developed techniques for modelling social communication aligned with our Business-level Modelling.