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Business Motivation Model

Business Motivation Model captures the executive thinking behind the project or enterprise.

OMG Business Motivation Model provides the standard for Business Motivation Modelling, and it is our theoretical choice. Business Abstraction is not however a very practical company, and Abstraction is a very practical methodology.

In the real world, business buy-in into Business Level models is of huge importance, yet in no other Model is it as important as in Business Motivation Model. Yet the the OMG standard is quite complex, with 26 element types, 3 referenced types and 24 relationships. If the actual Business Motivation does not require modelling that complex, bringing that complex a notation from an IT-related source is unlikely to make the Business enthusiastic and engaged.

If however the is a significant complexity of business motivation that should be exposed to the project, it is highly likely that there is already an established business consultancy, with heir own methodology, engaged to take care of the issue. Once again, proposing an alternative methodology is rarely a winning move.

We solve that problem by taking OMG Business Motivation Model as a basis, and then modifying it to fit the needs of the project and the business management/improvement methodology that is used in the project.