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Advanced HTML generation

Business Abstraction developed alternative  HTML generation for Sparx Enterprise Architect. From our experience, it enables effective publishing of EA models on the Intranet due to the host of advanced features:

  • Referencing individual Elements and Packages: Standard Sparx HTML Generator creates a frame-based site where all Elements have the same URL. Our generator gives unique URL to each Package and each Element – so a link to an individual Package can be including in any form of Intraweb documentation or even an email. URLs are immutable, so a URL included in an enterprise Wiki will remain the same after the site is regenerated.
  • Integration with Intranet Issue and Project Management: Unique immutable URLs make it possible to integrate generated websites with Atlassian Jira, TFS as well as enterprise wikis.
  • User-friendly presentation: standard Sparx HTML generation resembles regular Sparx Enterprise Architect UI, to make Enterprise Architect users feel at home. However people not familiar with Sparx EA find it confusing. Our generator makes it easier for all IT and Business professionals to navigate the model.
  • Accessibility by Enterprise Search: Because of unique URLs, Enterprise Search can index generated pages and include links in search results. For example. someone looking for information on a particular Application, will find this Application in the Model, and via it will see it place in Application Architecture, in Business processes etc.
  • Ease of deployment: we generate a static website. No software to install, just copy some HTML files.

Take advantage of special prices available before 2014:

  • Free evaluation license: 
  • Default generator: $999;
  • Customized generator: ask for quote, starting with $1,500.
  • 30% off Advanced Publisher, available early 2014

Note: special prices are limited to qualified end-users available to qualified enterprise end-users.

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