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Advanced Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect (3 days)


The master class of Business Abstraction Training provides the capability to deliver and manage EA-based UML modelling framework within a large project or an enterprise. It is designed to elevate an experienced IT professional to the position of an enterprise UML/EA guru, involving in optimising every element of Enterprise Solution Development towards higher productivity, clarity and Business-IT alignment.


The course is designed for in-house UML experts & internal consultants, UML adoption champions, Enterprise Application Architects & Lead Application Analysts of existing Business Abstraction clients.


The course delivers sufficient knowledge and practical skills to:

  • Establish UML database repository & version control system;
  • Define effective Enterprise UML processes;
  • Create rich UML templates incorporating processes & documentation;
  • Establish & maintain enterprise repository structure;
  • Implement & maintain pattern repository;
  • Mentor & guide UML implementation;
  • Integrate UML modelling with existing procedures and management systems; .