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Enterprise Working Game

Large enterprises of all kind, from privately owned companies to Government departments and agencies, are coming under increasing and contradictory pressures. They have to cut costs, they have to provide better services, and become more flexible, more agile. The only way out of this conundrum is to innovate, and the only people with enough understanding of the enterprise to suggest something meaningful are the senior employees of the enterprise.

However people who are working hard to keep the particular part of the enterprise working lack the overall view of the enterprise. They are also unlikely to think of the enterprise the Service-Oriented way as modern technology need them to think.

The Game is designed to bring together business and IT and facilitate exchange of information, while building the “Business Services” view of the enterprise. It is as entertaining as it is informative.

Before inventing this game, Alex Jouravlev was capturing the same information in form of modeling exercise that was credited with enabling dramatic transformation and expansion of several enterprises. However, the modeling exercise required introduction into complex modeling notation, making it hard for business participants.

As a game, the exercise can involve many more people (up to 36) and can comfortably include business experts. The full version of the game takes two sessions 2 days each.

Simplified version of the game can be run over 2-day executive retreat.