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Transition to Microservices with Sparx Enterprise Architect

Microservices is the new architectural paradigm promising to deliver truly Agile IT. However just as with Service-Oriented Architecture, and Component-Based and Object-Oriented Development before it, implementation of the underlying technology does not guarantee materialisation of promised business benefits.

Our course was specifically designed for the teams attempting Microservices transformation. It ensures that the Business Motivation for the transformation is captured, and correctly converted into Microservices Contracts, while maintaining adequate presentation and traceability.

The course covers:

  • Overview of the Contract Design process
  • Overview of the Enterprise Architect capabilities used.
  • Business Motivation Modelling for Microservices Transformation: the industry-standard Business Motivation Modelling Modelling, modified and simplified to be used
  • Business Information Modelling, Business Component Modelling – the high-level business modelling providing context for transformation design
  • Microservice REST Modelling with classes
  • Contract Modelling with Use Cases
  • Connecting Business With Microservices
  • Publishing Enterprise Architect models and producing printed documentation
  • Improving presentation of EA diagrams. Presenting the models. Facilitating Modelling Wrokshops

The course is delivered onsite to up to 16 people split between Business and Application sides, in 5 days. It is expected that the Application Side may skip day 2 while the Business side may skip day 3, although exact attendance should be negotiated for each engagement. For some clients, the course can be compressed to 4 days without loss of outcome.

Please contact us for availability & pricing.