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Enterprise as a Platform (EaaP) is a rigorous implementation of the ideas of Service-Oriented Architecture pioneered by Inc. Several other enterprises, like Jetsar Airways under leadership of Alan Joyce, followed similar approach without much focus on IT implementation.

Business Abstraction’s Alex Jouravlev can be credited with introducing the term.

Under EaaP the whole enterprise, with the exception of legally mandated board of directors and an executive team, is split into Business Services. The capabilities of each Business Service can be either offered to external parties for additional revenue, or sourced from external parties for cost savings.

Operational capabilities of each Business Service should be accessible via electronic means, with SOAP or HTTP REST being the obvious candidates. There are some technical challenges in providing, securing and orchestrating such access, however they are solvable with various SOA-oriented tools.

The main challenge of EaaP is the rediscovery of the enterprise as an information-based aggregator of Business Services. Needless to say, the traditional Business Processes Model of an enterprise is too complicated to support such re-discovery. Business Abstraction approach is based on Enterprise Service Transformation Draft that produces highly abstract overview of Enterprise Capabilities and their realisation via Business Services.

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