Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

It is rather ridiculous that the discussion on Data Driven Enterprise did not … read more

OWL Modelling for Information Architects

Business Abstraction delivered OWL training customised for experienced Information Architects. The target audience … read more

Training for Solution Architects and Developers

Visual Modelling with UML and other modelling notations is a mature approach well past the “hype of inflated expectations” it was experiencing in early 2000s. It is firmly placed in the “plateau of productivity”, and the productivity we shall deliver. Business Abstraction offers the range of training courses that deliver fundamental understanding, practical skills and immediate visible impact on productivity, clarity and manageability of software-intensive projects.

Unfortunately many teams, while thinking about visual modelling, presume decade-old hype-oriented techniques and tools that fail to deliver immediate tangible results. Our very practical courses, based on real-life IT experience and built around exercises change projects for the better from the next day after training.

We also offer Advanced Training for Architects, Business Analysts and Designers who already have significant Sparx Enterprise Architect and Modelling skills.

Solution Modelling for Agile Development with TFS

This course covers a simplified process where detailed Use Cases are identified from Business Requirements by modelling Solution Architecture, Business Processes, and then mostly deriving Use Cases. The outcome provides Developers and Testers with Work Items that then are managed in Team Foundation Server.

Archimate with Sparx Enterprise Architect (1 day)

Archimate is the Open Group standard for Enterprise Architecture Modelling, supplied by Sparx as part of TOGAF Add-in. The course is designed for TOGAF-certified Architects who want to use Enterprise Architect with for their Archimate modelling.   Either initial familiarity with Sparx Enterprise Architect or our introductory course is required

Patterns of Innovative Solution Design (1 day)

Innovative projects have higher degree of uncertainty, and as such are seen as risky. The course describes and provides practical skills in the key design and project organisation patterns that allow reductions of risks associated with innovative projects

Solution Architecture with Sparx Enterprise Architect

The course provides knowledge and practical skills allowing production of  Solution Architecture fully inside Enterprise Architect while re-using common models, Diagrams and specifications, and then generating Solution Architecture Specifications.

Advanced BPMN 2.0 Modelling with Sparx EA (2 days)

The course is intended for Business Analysts, Business Process Analysts and Architects who learned basics of BPMN and need to progress to the next level. It teaches more advanced BPMN2 techniques Collaboration and Orchestration Modelling, and enables building structured, multilevel, navigateable BPMN2 Models.

Web Solution Development with UML and Enterprise Architect (4 days)

The course provides consistent and integrated set of skills, patterns and techniques that enable comprehensive application of Visual Modelling to development of Web applications. The course is recommended for both Internet and Intranet-oriented development teams.

Enterprise Solution Design with Sparx Enterprise Architect (4 days)

The workshop teaches practical techniques that significantly improve overall software development practices, establish effective flow of information from business to development and enable low-overhead specifications and 80/20 solutions. The workshop provides fundamental knowledge and understanding of UML, practical Enterprise Architect skills and capability to lead the implementation of the technology. The workshop covers full lifecycle from capturing essential business information, then defining and presenting integrated business-aligned solution, software development and maintenance.

Use Case-driven Design (2 days)

Use Case-driven approach is the Best Practice in Object-Oriented and Component design. It facilitates reuse, offers inherent traceability,and allows developers to satisfy demands for productivity increase and detailed specifications at the same time. The course is recommended to Object Designers, Developers and System Analysts.

Use Case Modelling (2 days)

Use Case modelling is the industry standard for requirements specification, however incorrect use of the technology often leads to project failures. The course provides reliable and consistent approach and practical skills that together enable Business Analysts to produce readable and effective Use Case models.

Solution Architecture with Sparx Enterprise Architect (4 days)

Solution Architects are critically important for enterprise IT ability to execute improvements and implementations of business-critical systems. At the same time, many Solution Architects find themselves spending valuable time typing lengthy documents that re-iterating information from previous projects. The course teaches Solution Architects to produce specifications within Sparx Enterprise Architect, then generate text documents if required. The course enables significant improvement of productivity, reuse of common specifications and superior control over the projects.