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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Advanced BPMN 2.0 Modelling with Sparx EA (2 days)

The course is intended for Business Analysts, Business Process Analysts and Architects who learned basics of BPMN and need to progress to the next level. It teaches more advanced BPMN2 techniques Collaboration and Orchestration Modelling, and enables building structured, multilevel, navigateable BPMN2 Models.

The course can be delivered within the context of a specific project. In this case, the course will provide Business Analysts with specific roadmap and guidelines for further modeling, as well as with examples of the models they will be developing


The course include:

  • Understanding Process Modelling
  • BPMN Public Process
  • Modelling Business Context and Business Structure in BPMN 2
  • Modelling Business Information
  • Producing BPMN 2 Conversation Models
  • Understanding and applying Choreography Models
  • Improving presentation of Enterprise Architect Process Model
  • Process Modeling for Intranet
  • Using Version Control with Sparx Enterprise Architect;


Every training day contains approximately 50% of closely supervised individual work, modelling workshops and model presentations.