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Audience Layers

For a Model to be useful it has to be:

  1. Understood
  2. Relevant
  3. Can be located

Therefore Business Abstraction split models into Layers based on who should be able to understand the models:

Technical Layer

Technical Layer audience are Developers, Admins and technical Architects. They are the people who are happy to look at the code, discuss physical data structures etc.

Functional Layer

Functional Layer is the Layer that looks at functionality of software systems. The audience at that level is quite happy to talk about screen forms, Web pages, as well as rather detailed data structures. However, no technical background is presumed, and no technical details are provided.

Business Layer

Business Layer covers functioning of the business, abstracted from software-intensive implementation. That layer is defined to ensure widest-possible range of software implementations. The word “system” as well as names of individual systems are banned from that Layer.

Strategic Layer

Strategic Layer targets the audience of most senior executives. In Public Service, it should be extended to the relevant Minister and other politicians.