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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Sparx Enterprise Architect for SOA

Sparx Enterprise Architect is a magnificently flexible tool that allows an experienced modeller to model practically anything, in a way this particular modeller finds appropriate. The same flexibility can confuse IT professionals less experienced in Visual Modelling and SOA.

Business Abstraction can adapt provide very specific guidelines and additional functionality to use Enterprise Architect for defining and implementing SOA.

Model Structure and Guidelines

Developing a Service-Oriented Solution within a large enterprise is radically different from stand-alone small applications favoured by the authors of UML Modelling books. Analysts and Designers participating in SOA implementations are forced to invent their proprietary structures, and interpret core diagrams to capture service-related information.

Business Abstraction Framework fro Sparx EA delivers practice-proven and standard-compliant structure that already accommodates Business Component Model, Common Information Model, Service Choreography and Orchestration and all other models required for SOA. The Framework delivers traceability, validation and reporting required for SOA.

Business Abstraction offers predictable, consistent delivery to SOA critical factors.

SOA-Specific Functionality

Additional functionality introduced to the Framework further advances traceability, validation and reporting available from Sparx EA.

Abstraction Process for Service-Oriented Development

While Sparx Enterprise Architect enable visual modelling, it is for a process to provide instruction what to model, and when. Business Abstraction developed an effective process that:

  • Starts with capturing information easily available from business-savvy Subject Mater Experts;
  • Arrives to detailed Service Design, Contracts and Orchestrations;
  • Breaks the complex and challenging effort of transition from initial capture of the problem to precise definition of solution into a number of contained, manageable, clear defined steps.

Process Model in Sparx Enterprise Architect

Maintaining detailed process documentation as a text document is often problematic, as any real-life development practice continues to improve and modify the process while nobody has time to update the document. Also, understanding of the document can be erroneous and often takes significant time and effort.

Business Abstraction supplies the process in form of an Enterprise Architect Model built into the Framework. Each individual step of the process is linked to the actual package within the model in which the activity should be conducted.