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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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SPARX Enterprise Architect Services

Business Abstraction claims to be is the oldest and most sophisticated Sparx Enterprise Architect consultancy in Australia. Since 2004, we were helping large enterprises, Government departments and small startups to gain maximum benefit from implementing Sparx Enterprise Architect. As a member of Sparx systems Global Network, we accumulated wealth of practical knowledge not only on the technical and functional side of the software, but also in the human side of implementing different types of Visual Modelling for different groups.

In the current economy, paying your Consultants to learn Sparx Enterprise Architect, and paying for the mistakes they will made out of inexperience, is a luxury few can afford. Business Abstraction, a Sparx Enterprise Architect consultancy since 2004 with strong contacts with Sparx Systems, has sufficient experience to resolve the issues that impact your productivity or initiate your modelling process in days rather than months. Our expertise covers the Enterprise Architect itself, modelling methodologies and model-driven solution development.

We provided services to and trained Enterprise and Solution Architects, Business Analysts and other professionals in:

  • Three out of Australia’s four AA-rated banks.
  • Federal & State Government Agencies.
  • Branches of major international companies in Mining, Energy, Manufacture, Retail and other industries.

It is a common knowledge that hiring more experienced Consultants saves money. Our Global Services is a revolutionary offer that takes it further by offering clearly defined deliverables and fixed pricing. Our prices are highly competitive because with our volume of work, most often we are providing solutions that worked for our other customers.

Integration with Team Foundation Server

Business Abstraction can provide software and methodology that delivers seamless integration of Enterprise Architect with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server. The solutions are designed in Enterprise Architect, and then transferred to TFS for Agile implementation.

Business Component Modelling

Business Component Modelling was created to enable Business Architects with some IT/Development background to define Business Services, enable and validate Business Agility,. It provides an effective framework for SOA implementation and maintenance.

Model Integration

What should you do if your enterprise has some information in Enterprise Architect models, some in ARIS, most of requirements in Excel while some data in Word documents and even PowerPoint presentations? Re-training everyone to use the same tool would be prohibitively expensive, especially if you consider the need to re-model existing artifacts. A valid alternative is to integrate all tools into a common environment, and produce common reports. Business Abstraction developed services that do just that.

Document Generation from Enterprise Architect

For many of our customers a Word document is still an expected outcome of their modelling effort. While combination of a good template and matching modelling practices can achieve desired outcome, it can be tricky. Your contractor can spend days if not weeks learning how to produce good templates. Alternatively, or you can let us produce a template for you.

Collaboration Implementation Assessment

Our Assessment helped many customers to dramatically improve the effectiveness of their Sparx Enterprise Architect collaboration environment and Modeling practices. This is the lowest cost service that includes (if required) remote logging into your environment.

Enterprise Architect Implementation Review

Even a modest installation of Sparx Enterprise Architect affect tens of people who together are cost their employer paid tens of thousands of $$ (or equivalent in other currencies) per day. These people often possess unique knowledge and skills that are critical to the enterprise, yet in many cases these people waste their time with suboptimal environment, or the results of their effort are under-used. Business Abstraction uses the proven methodology that enables us to identify the needs in relation to Enterprise Architect, and the opportunities to reduce effort and to improve the benefits from the modelling effort. We also often identify mistakes and quick fixes that can deliver significant improvements instantly.

Inital Needs Review

You can hire a highly distinguished consultant for 2 hours on never to be repeated rates. That gives sufficient time to advise you on what can be done, what are the possible steps, what is easy, what is hard, what is impossible.

Advanced HTML generation from Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect's HTML generation is a powerful feature that many of our customers use to share their models, especially with external partners and those of the colleagues who do not use EA for modeling. So why Business Abstraction invested significant effort into developing alternative HTML generator?

Review Enterprise Architect Implementation

Even a modest installation of Sparx Enterprise Architect affect tens of people who together cost their employer tens of thousands of $$ (or equivalent in other currencies) per day. These people often possess unique knowledge and skills that are critical to the enterprise. Yet in many cases these people waste their time with suboptimal environment, or the result of their efforts are under-used.

SOA Business Modelling

If we accept that Service Oriented Architecture is a "Business Agility Strategy" that should be justified by business outcomes, we need to understand what business should be made agile. Business Abstraction can produce a high-level Service-Oriented representation of the business that will make potential agility easy to see and evaluate.