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Advanced HTML generation from Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect’s HTML generation is a powerful feature that many of our customers use to share their models, especially with external partners and those of the colleagues who do not use EA for modeling. So why Business Abstraction invested significant effort into developing alternative HTML generator?

To enable scenarios our customers were asking for:

  • Referencing individual Elements and Packages: anyone working with the model on the Intranet should be able to send a URL of a particular Element, Package or Diagram to the relevant staff, and expect this URL to remain valid even after the model was progressed and re-generated.
  • Integration with Issue Management: project participants should be able to raise issues against individual Elements, Packages etc in an external Issue Management system like Atlassian Jira.
  • Integration with other tools and repositories: a comprehensive external system should be able to pull information from other sources.
  • More flexible presentation: say an Intranet page for a Business Use Case should not be bound to contain the same information as a page look and feel the same as for a Service Component. Links, Attributes, Classifiers etc can have different meanings, and should be grouped and explained differently.
  • Advanced navigation: for example, a BPMN “User” Action is expected to be mapped to a Use Case. Isn’t it logical to expect to see a list of Processes that depend on a particular Use Case?
  • Ease of deployment: we generate a static website. No software to install, just copy some HTML files.

Business Abstraction HTML generator can do all of the above and more. It can be supplied as a custom-modified program or Sparx EA Add-in.