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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Business Motivation Modelling

Business Motivation Model captures the ends and means of the enterprise strategy. It is produced in collaboration with people familiar with thinking at the board/policy level, and in some cases verified by high-level executives directly reporting to the head of modeled enterprise or Business Unit.

Abstraction Business Motivation Modelling is based on Object Management Group (OMG) standard. However, it is highly likely that a large enterprise already adopted some formal way of recording strategic views and decisions, while for others the complexity of standard BMM may be overwhelming. So instead of the forcing the standard on the enterprise, we customize it to look and feel natural for each particular client.

Our experience in modelling and Sparx Enterprise Architect software allows us to customize Business Motivation Modelling while maintaining the logical nature and precision of the OMG standard that enables easy traceability to Process Models and other elements of Enterprise Architecture. We also improve the graphic of the Diagrams to make sure they can be presented at the appropriate level.