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Document Generation from Enterprise Architect

For many of our customers a Word document is still an expected outcome of their modelling effort. While combination of a good template and matching modelling practices can achieve desired outcome, it can be tricky. Your contractor can spend days if not weeks learning how to produce good templates. Alternatively, or you can let us produce a template for you.

All you need to do is to send us your regular (Word) template, as well examples of the documents you write and the models you have.

A regular template will include:

  • a Requirements section representing Requirements of different types in tables
  • Analysis and/or Design section which will include Diagrams as well as information on each Element.

The final deliverable will include:

  • intermediate 1 page report on what can be and cannot be done, accompanied by an example of a document
  • an Enterprise Architect template that will have the Model Structure, with all necessary templates embedded
  • an example produced for the Template, and a document generated from it – the client will be able to re-generate the output
  • a User Guide.
Timeframe 7 days
Billable effort 2 days
Standard rate @400/hour $6,400
Special Offer*

(*) limited time offer can be withdrawn at any moment.

While we are upgrading out payment system, please contact us for payment instructions.