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Hub-and-Spoke Modelling

Mentoring is effective when the core team has been trained in Conceptual Service Modelling and has both the capacity and motivation to further advanced these skills. However we found that some of hour clients have BA teams that have detailed understanding of the relevant business and effective communication skills, who at the same time do not see themselves as modellers. However, generic contractors with unverified and inconsistent modelling experience cannot be allowed to drive and direct a modelling effort within a particular discipline like Analysis or Design.

The Solution is “Hub and Spoke Modelling”.

Team Structure

The team would consist of

  • “Hub”, a Modelling consultant with expert knowledge in modelling approaches and the tool of choice, who may or may not have any business knowledge
  • “Spokes”, usually the team members, Business Analysts, Architects etc, who may or may not be familiar with the Modelling principles and/or software, however have good understanding of the overall project, and know relevant domain experts.

Modelling Process

  • The modelling is done in “pair modelling sessions” where the Hub is dong the modelling on a large screen, or preferably using a TV or a projector connected to a computer, while one or two spokes provide informaiton and comments
  • Through the session, the Hub is responsible for explaining the changes he/she
  • It is expected that a session would create some questions that cannot be quickly resolved during the session. The Hub and the Spokes would maintain the list of issues they encounter. The Spokes would try to resolve the issues between their sessions.
  • The Spokes are fully responsible for feeding the information to the Hub. The Hub is not expected to do their own research
  • A pair modelling session is expected to be an intence 45 minutes – 1 hour exercise followed by a break.
  • The be effective, the team needs at least Spokes or group of Spokes (groups of two that come to the sessions as a unit).
  • The Hub is not expected to spend more than 6 hours per day running the sessions, with the other 2 hours devouted to Model refactoring and management issues.