Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Strategy & Innovation Services

The past decade seen an explosion of scientific innovation methods that radically transformed the way small “startups” and large enterprises develop new products. Business Abstraction adapted these methods to Enterprise IT innovation, both for internal and customer-focused projects.

Visual Modelling provides unique capability to quickly build a high-level overview and discuss it with a number of people. That makes it uniquely suitable for implementing various methods designed to facilitate strategy discovery & definition, as well as discovery, definition and gradual implementation of innovative solutions & products.

We designed our Strategy & Innovation Services to deliver clear outcomes in limited time.

Transformational Tools and Platforms Implementation

One of the most common way to re-invigorate Enterprise IT is to introduce advanced tooling. Projects of that type, ranging from sub $1million (low-end modelling tools) to $100+ million and more (enterprise BPM platforms, SOA tools) are expected to deliver dramatic benefits in the future. Conceptually, internal tools deployment is a development of innovative product to internal market. Business Abstraction customised the most current methods of developing innovative products and combined then with visual modelling to provide solid practical framework that ensures deployment success.

Enterprise Capability Workshop

The Modelling Workshop provides high-level overview of enterprise context and capabilities, and conceptually identifies potentially reusable services. The exercise is designed to help participants to abstract from details and see the potential high-level solutions.

Customer Development Review

The review will provide recommendations on increasing customer traction and reducing risks associated with internal acceptance of the solution. It is most appropriate for projects that seek to deliver a platform, toolkit or a service to be used across the enterprise.

Adaptive Roadmap for Transformational Projects

Innovative, transformational projects attempt to deliver significant agility, cost-savings and/or customer benefits by implementing a solution used across the enterprise. A project of that types makes significant assumptions in relation to available technical capabilities required for developing and/or implementing the project, internal customer acceptance, outcome of customer adoption etc. A Roadmap will ensure that the key assumptions are validated early on

Customer Development Roadmap for Enterprise Projects

The Customer Development Method was created by Steven Gary Blank on the aftermath of the infamous dot com crash to guide the development of innovative products for the market. Business Abstraction used its experience in Enterprise Solution Development to adapt the ideas to innovative enterprise projects.