Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

As Gartner warns in the report, adopting NoSQL storage can result in Information … read more

Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

It is rather ridiculous that the discussion on Data Driven Enterprise did not … read more

OWL Modelling for Information Architects

Business Abstraction delivered OWL training customised for experienced Information Architects. The target audience … read more

Training for Business Architects and Business Analysts

Business Abstraction proved first in 2004 that Business Analysts can produced good models when trained right. Since then, we continue to offer highly engaging training specially customised for non-programmers, including new topics as they emerge.

Advanced Business Analysis with Enterprise Architect, UML 2 and BPMN 2 (4 days)

This course provides Business Analysis with the most advanced techniques to respond to the demands of 21st Century ICT, to be relevant in the context of Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Technology, COTS and SaaS, re-use, optimisation and streamlining.

Business Requirements Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect

The course is focused on capturing high-level, Computation-Independent Requirements for a project using Business Use Cases and Requirement Statements. The effort results in producing a Business Requirements Document.

Process Modelling with BPMN and Sparx Enterprise Architect (2 days)

The course focuses on the process modelling core of BPMN 2 that is commonly used by the Modellers. The trainees learn how to record processes using the notation, and go through practical examples based.

Business Component Modelling (3 days)

The course delivers the capability to define Services conceptually, without committing to a specific platform.

UML Business Analysis with Enterprise Architect (3 days)

The course delivers advanced knowledge in conducting Business Analysis using Sparx Enterprise Architect software. It concentrates on practical aspects of using Sparx EA within enterprise environment, working within complex enterprise models, modelling for various project arrangements, as well as communication with business and domain experts using the models. The course delivers capability to reduce Analysis effort dramatically by introducing traceable Models and Modelling Workshops, and to lead the specification of business-aligned solution

Facilitating Modelling Workshops (2 days)

The course teaches a Business Analysis technique that significantly reduces documentation and sign-off efforts. The participants will learn to produce UML models interactively with active participation of customers & domain experts, modify UML models for readability and presentation, as well as present Requirements and Design Specifications to customers. The course should enable IT professionals to take more visible position in Enterprise IT and lift the profile of their work.

Business Motivation Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect (1 day)

OMG Business Motivation Modelling provides an effective way to capture the expectations and decisions of the C-level executives, as well as the key constrains and regulations. It is also assists in promoting technical solutions to business problems, in particular assisting effective implementation of SOA.