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Advanced Business Analysis with Enterprise Architect, UML 2 and BPMN 2 (4 days)

This course provides Business Analysis with the most advanced techniques to respond to the demands of 21st Century ICT, to be relevant in the context of Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Technology, COTS and SaaS, re-use, optimisation and streamlining.

We use Sparx Enterprise Architect, which flexibility and low cost made it a favourite in Government, large enterprises and startup alike.


The course covers:

  • Understanding of Enterprise Architect software
  • Understanding of Traceability and Model-Driven approaches
  • Generation of documentation from Enterprise Architect
  • Working with Requirements in Enterprise Architect
  • BPMN2 Modelling. We will cover both basic Process Modelling, as well as more advanced Collaboration and Orchestration Modelling.
  • Business Use Case and Use Case Modelling
  • Working with Information, Object and Data Models
  • Producing high-quality Diagrams and facilitating workshops with Enterprise Architect.

The course is very practical and includes a lot of individual work with the software.


Price: $4,750/person + GST