Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

It is rather ridiculous that the discussion on Data Driven Enterprise did not … read more

OWL Modelling for Information Architects

Business Abstraction delivered OWL training customised for experienced Information Architects. The target audience … read more

Innovation Services

The set of Services designed to enable running highly innovative projects within enterprise IT. Business Abstraction makes otherwise unfeasible projects possible by:

  • Replacing costly documentation with lightweight modelling;
  • Adapting the ideas of groundbreaking “Customer Development” and “Lean Startup” to the enterprise;
  • Introducing highly abstract modelling techniques that enable fundamental rethinking of processes and approaches;
  • Building an adaptive roadmap against prioritized risks/hypotheses.

Application of these techniques produces a low-cost project delivering valuable knowledge on potential new products, channels and processes.