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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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SPARX Enterprise Architect

Delivering Effective and Consistent Practices – Delivering Results

In Business Abstraction we believe that our training should provide visible, immediate value.

Not all projects that use Visual Modelling will succeed, or will flow smoother, more effective, with higher visibility and control, than prior projects that didn’t utilise Visual Modelling. To be effective, the team should develop effective and consistent practices, and often expect to spend years developing that.

Business Abstraction addressed that by developing training that delivers established practices rather than initial knowledge. To achieve that, the training is conducted by an experience practitioner who combines training with practical consulting and project work. The training materials are customised according to the client’s needs prior to beginning of the training. The training is then conducted using client’s real projects and problems as examples. Through the training, the trainer will identify, discuss and refine the practices that the team will adopt, and drives the training accordingly. By the end of the training, the specific modelling practices of the team are documented and supported by several examples, and have been repeatedly followed though the practical exercises.

Training for Business Architects and Business Analysts

Business Abstraction proved first in 2004 that Business Analysts can produced good models when trained right. Since then, we continue to offer highly engaging training specially customised for non-programmers, including new topics as they emerge.

Enterprise Architect Basics and Administration Training

Short courses suitable for all Sparx Enterprise Architect users

Enterprise Architect Resources

Integration with Team Foundation Server

Business Abstraction can provide software and methodology that delivers seamless integration of Enterprise Architect with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server. The solutions are designed in Enterprise Architect, and then transferred to TFS for Agile implementation.

Advanced HTML generation from Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect's HTML generation is a powerful feature that many of our customers use to share their models, especially with external partners and those of the colleagues who do not use EA for modeling. So why Business Abstraction invested significant effort into developing alternative HTML generator?

Review Enterprise Architect Implementation

Even a modest installation of Sparx Enterprise Architect affect tens of people who together cost their employer tens of thousands of $$ (or equivalent in other currencies) per day. These people often possess unique knowledge and skills that are critical to the enterprise. Yet in many cases these people waste their time with suboptimal environment, or the result of their efforts are under-used.

Solution Architecture & Design

When no Solution Architect of required qualification is available to the project, searching for a suitable contract Architect and then engaging Business Abstraction to train them can be sub-optimal both in terms of costs and time. Delegating Solution Architecture to Business Abstraction can prove more effective.

Improving Solution Architecture Practices with Enterprise Architect

Typing solution Architecture specifications in Word waste time of some of the most valuable people in enterprise IT. Generating specifications from Enterprise Architect models can significantly reduce the effort of producing the specifications, while improving quality of Solution Architecture and facilitating reuse of  specifications, interfaces and functionality.

Solution Development Process Definition

Sufficient Process Definition is an important part of inception of a large project, introduction of modelling practices or implementation of additional modelling and reporting functionality. Process Definition defines in details the structure and organization of the model as well the Roles that will be assigned to the team members, the processes the team members will follow, the tools that will be used and the reports that should be produced.

Training Plan Development

Training Plan improves effectiveness and reduces the costs of training by delivering better fit of training for each group of trainees, and providing better requirements for training customization.

Strategy & Innovation Services

The past decade seen an explosion of scientific innovation methods that radically transformed the way small "startups" and large enterprises develop new products. Business Abstraction adapted these methods to Enterprise IT innovation, both for internal and customer-focused projects.

BPMN Services

The group of Services designed to enable effective BPMN Modelling using Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Advanced Sparx EA Implementation

Sparx Enterprise Architect is a great tool, and many Developers use it out of the box. Some moderate-size projects can be happy with using BPMN or Use Case Diagrams for Analysis, while using Component and Deployment diagrams for Architecture. That might work for small co-located projects, however larger, more complex or more challenging projects need advanced installation to gain the benefits of Model-Driven Development.

Virtual Classroom Training

You can save 40% on our regular training and save yourself a hustle of travelling to location by attending a Virtual Classroom Training. Every bit as effective and interactive as our Classroom Training, Vurtual Classroom Training allows us to provide examples, review your progress and "hold your hand". Our courses are the results of continuous improvement over years of training and hands-on consulting.

Evening & Weekend Training for Contractors and Jobseekers

Times are tough, however having skills in demand can help. Business Abstraction offers a series of courses designed for individuals seeking to improve their chances of employment, promotion or next contract by learning relevant Visual Modelling skills. .

Enterprise Architect Services

In the current economy, paying your Consultants to learn Sparx Enterprise Architect, and paying for the mistakes they will made out of inexperience, is a luxury few can afford. Business Abstraction, a Sparx Enterprise Architect consultancy since 2004 with strong contacts with Sparx Systems, has sufficient experience to resolve the issues that impact your productivity or initiate your modelling process in days rather than months. Our expertise covers the Enterprise Architect itself, modelling methodologies and model-driven solution development. We provided services to and trained Enterprise and Solution Architects, Business Analysts and other professionals in:
  • Three out of Australia's four AA-rated banks.
  • Federal & State Government Agencies.
  • Branches of major international companies in Mining, Energy, Manufacture, Retail and other industries.
It is a common knowledge that hiring more experienced Consultants saves money. Our Global Services is a revolutionary offer that takes it further by offering clearly defined deliverables and fixed pricing. Our prices are highly competitive because with our volume of work, most often we are providing solutions that worked for our other customers. We provide:
  • Reviews & Recommendations
  • Detailed Process Definitions
  • Document and website generation Templates
  • Scripts & Add-ins
  • Training materials
  • We also can help you with your modelling, improve the models you have, or provide you with models on the basis of your specifications in other formats.
Australia has very strict IP Laws which are well enforced. Over the years, many large enterprises and Government Agencies trusted us their plans. Your competitors will never find anything about you from Business Abstraction. We deliver the services using:
  • Skype Video, as well as high-end video-conference facilities, for face-to face communication
  • GoToMeeting, and other desktop-sharing tools for "holding one's hand" mentoring
  • Remote Desktop and Citrix for accessing customer's environment
  • Sharing models via replication & Dropbox, as well as cooperative development via cloud-hosted SVN.

Training for Solution Architects and Developers

Visual Modelling with UML and other modelling notations is a mature approach well past the "hype of inflated expectations" it was experiencing in early 2000s. It is firmly placed in the "plateau of productivity", and the productivity we shall deliver. Business Abstraction offers the range of training courses that deliver fundamental understanding, practical skills and immediate visible impact on productivity, clarity and manageability of software-intensive projects.

Training for Enterprise and SOA Architects

Advanced visual modelling techniques for establishing functioning Business-IT Alignment, developing Enterprise Architecture and implementing Service-Oriented Architecture

SPARX Enterprise Architect Services

Business Abstraction claims to be is the oldest and most sophisticated Sparx Enterprise Architect consultancy in Australia. Since 2004, we were helping large enterprises, Government departments and small startups to gain maximum benefit from implementing Sparx Enterprise Architect. As a member of Sparx systems Global Network, we accumulated wealth of practical knowledge not only on the technical and functional side of the software, but also in the human side of implementing different types of Visual Modelling for different groups.