Introducing Information Management for NoSQL

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Introducing Quantitative Enterprise Architecture

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OWL Modelling for Information Architects

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Enterprise Architect Resources

Business Component Modelling

Business Component Modelling was created to enable Business Architects with some IT/Development background to define Business Services, enable and validate Business Agility,. It provides an effective framework for SOA implementation and maintenance.

Abstraction Social

They say any large software project is hopelessly outdated by the time it is finished. That presumes that you are following case studies and expect the technology to reach the "peak of inflated expectations" before doing anything. By that time the initial clear message is so overloaded by hype, the chances of doing it wrong are high. Business Abstraction actively monitors "Technology Triggers" in the relevant areas to identify ideas that likely to become big in the next few years. None of these ideas is ready for a massive enterprise transformation project. They should however be known to forward-looking enterprise strategists, and in some cases be investigated in an "Innovative Project" format.


Enterprise as a Platform (EaaP) is a rigorous implementation of the ideas of Service-Oriented Architecture pioneered by Inc. Several other enterprises, like Jetsar Airways under leadership of Alan Joyce, followed similar approach without much focus on IT implementation.

Abstraction Methodology

Abstraction Methodology is a Model-based method of driving software-centered Projects, Programs and Enterprise IT. With the exception of writing actual software code and running manual tests, the work is performed by producing, discussing and investigating interconnected Models. On the top level we separate Modelling Space into several Views.